Procurement by Government in Kenya

Government procurement presents a huge opportunity for businesses in Kenya. The government regularly procures a wide variety of goods and services from private businesses, including everything from office supplies and equipment to consulting services and major infrastructure projects.

Here’s a guide on how you can prepare your startup to participate in government procurement:

1. Register your Business:

To participate in government tenders, your business must be legally registered in Kenya. You will need to provide proof of registration during the procurement process.

2. Understand the Public Procurement and Disposal Act:

Familiarize yourself with the Public Procurement and Disposal Act. This act governs all government procurement activities in Kenya and provides important information about the procurement process, eligibility criteria, and legal requirements.

3. Get Listed on the Supplier Database:

To participate in government tenders, you need to be listed in the supplier database of the procuring entity. This usually involves submitting an application and providing certain documents, such as proof of business registration, tax compliance certificate, and business profile.

4. Look for Tender Opportunities:

Regularly check for new tender opportunities. Government entities publish their tender opportunities on their websites, in the Kenya Gazette, and on the Kenya Supplier Portal. You can also sign up for tender notification services.

5. Prepare Your Tender Proposal:

When you find a tender opportunity that your business can fulfill, prepare a competitive tender proposal. This should include a technical proposal detailing how you plan to fulfill the contract, and a financial proposal detailing your prices. Make sure to follow all instructions and requirements in the tender document.

6. Submit Your Tender Proposal:

Submit your tender proposal before the deadline specified in the tender document. Tenders are usually submitted through an online portal or at the procuring entity’s office.

7. Participate in the Tender Opening:

Most government entities allow tenderers to be present during the tender opening. This can give you confidence in the transparency and fairness of the procurement process.

Remember, government procurement can be highly competitive, and it often requires a lot of paperwork and patience. However, winning a government contract can be a major boost for your business. Consider seeking advice or training on government procurement to increase your chances of success. Organizations such as Public Procurement Regulatory Authority provide resources and training on government procurement in Kenya.

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